A Modern Learning Management System for Businesses

Qbic is a balanced elearning platform combining sophisticated features with a simple setup and creation process. Besides offering an option for every budget, Qbic also provides mobile access and a social learning experience, so companies of every size can encourage continuous learning that employees will appreciate.

Many Styles, One Team

A learning management system for businesses needs to be capable of creating coursework in different structures. Qbic is designed to offer visual reading and interactive course content to accommodate the variety of learning styles found in any team.

Lead Your Team with Instructor-Led Training and Built-In Webinar

Built-in capabilities of Qbic include instructor-led training (ILTs) and webinars. Instructor-led training enables companies to feature a speaker teaching in a live session. Topics for staff, partners and vendors that require more engagement can be hosted in Qbic's built-in webinar.

Easily Create Professional Grade Courses

Qbic enables authors to create simple and/or complex course structures with a straightforward user interface. For example, courses can be created by uploading one piece of content with a name and category. Or create comprehensive curriculum by stringing together assignments, documents, videos, tests, and more.

See how Qbic can better enable your company’s workforce development

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